We selected Key Custom Homes based upon their reputation and work product, but what does that really mean as there are undoubtedly a lot of home builders out there who can turn out a quality product using the right crews and materials? The differences we discovered when working with Kent and his team fell into three categories:

  • KCH showed excellent Vision throughout the design and build process. We had a challenging terrain as well as certain indoor elements we were looking to achieve. Whether our ideas or theirs, they were elaborated on and pulled off in spectacular fashion.

  • Management is something that is often under-rated, but also is a cornerstone to success. The entire build process was a well-choreographed event with scheduled coordination to deliver on what had been promised, including the quality aspects.

  • Communication was something that turned out to be very important to us. We were making a significant investment and wanted information on almost a daily basis. The entire team focused on direct communication to answer our questions and avoid misunderstandings. Issues were never pushed aside and we were always treated respectfully and with fairness and honesty. Simply put, we enjoy working with people we like and KCH made that part easy.

Looking forward to building our next home with you (if you could ever get us out of this one)!

-Mike & Sharon