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Owners and Property managers are loving our approach to commercial construction!

Let me share a few of our secret ingredients.

Safety First: The Art of Accountability

Each of our Project Managers and Superintendents are champions of our safety initiatives. We only employ skilled workers who keep an eye out for each other’s safety and wellbeing.

Tight Knit Crew: Good Work Culture

Our diverse team works cohesively as an organized body. We share success by building each other up and offering specific feedback openly. Never stop learning. Never stop earning.

Forward Thinking: Adopting New Technology

80 percent of US small businesses aren’t taking full advantage of digital tools. What about Key Commercial? We’re utilizing new technologies to cut costs, document our progress, and reach our targets faster than ever before.

Deliver Exceptional Quality Work: No exceptions

At the end of the day, our clients’ satisfaction is our number one priority. Why? Because we are putting our name, our pride, and our artwork into every job.

Project Portfolio

Some of our past projects include the Denton Record-Chronicle, S&J Pharmacy in Argyle, Argyle Orthodontics, and Charley’s Concrete Corporate Office in Keller.

Also tucked in our portfolio are commercial renovation jobs. Over the past few years, we have remodeled and made additions to projects such as the Hayes, Berry, White & Vanzant Law Firm, Bill Utter Fords Body Shop Entrance, Charley’s Concrete Northlakes, Crowley, and Princeton Plant.

Why choose Key Commercial?

Would you like to work with a builder that makes it easy to make good decisions that increase the long term value of your property?

Well, After 37 years we have just the right mix of ingredients:


  • High Safety Standards

  • Good Work Culture

  • Technology Adoption

  • Quality Deliverables

  • Diverse Construction Portfolio

Make your vision a reality!

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